Sales and Marketing Intern at Leading Hardware Manufacturer (TPBS40)

Company Introduction:

This company was founded in 2010 and is a renowned leading hardware manufacturer focusing on telematics solutions.

They have a comprehensive product portfolio that covers diverse applications from car/motorcycle solutions to valued asset tracking.

They dedicate all their resources in developing products with cutting-edge technology and they provide responsive technical support and a comprehensive after-sales service.

The company designs, manufactures, and inspects 100% of their devices in Taiwan to ensure that they meet the highest quality requirements: the reason why our products have been widely installed by 1200+ clients in more than 100 countries.

+ Launched the 1st 3G OBD telematics device 3 yrs ago and 4G LTE in 2016, years ahead of major vendors who have been around for decades.
+ The 1st in ASIA to be certified by Rogers, AT&T, and Verizon, the first to launch an OBD device…a forerunner in a variety of areas.
+ Deloitte – Ranks the company as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific.
+ Ptolemus – Ranks the company as one of top 3 telematics technology providers in Asia.
+ Toyota ITC – Travelled from Japan to Taiwan to endorse the company as a guest speaker at their media/investor conference.


9-12 months

Internship Position and Potential Responsibilities:

International Sales, Marketing and Market Research Intern

+ Research and analyze the global market, and share the results with the R&D team, FAE team, and sales team.
+ Complete tasks and weekly responsibilities from director of IT & director of sales.
+ Manage databases and input information, data, and records.
+ Run general industry related errands.
+ Work with sales team to identify and target market opportunities.
+ Search prospective new accounts to expand customer base.
+ Consolidate comprehensive research on future partners or current competitors.


+ Subject studied : Business and related subjects (e.g. marketing, finance etc.) or IT and related subjects (e.g. Information Engineering etc.)
+ English is a must, other languages a plus.
+ Soft skills : Good communication skills, Adaptability, Open-mindedness, good at handling stress.
+ Cultural background : We prefer students from predominantly the UK, France, Germany, Belgium or Australia.