Alice & Alizee / Agriculture / ZH
“Just immerse yourself in the culture and you will have an amazing experience”

Melissa & Joe / British / Media / CD
I’ve already told all my friends to come and do the programme because I have loved it!

James / British / Law / CD
“I have found that getting around the city is such fun and always an adventure”

Coral / British / Marketing / ZH
“I would 100% recommend an internship in China. It’s just crazy, I love it!”

Finn, Julia & Tania / German / Mixed / QD
*Video in German about Summer School Programme*

Laura / German / Consulting / QD
“InternChina organised trips to Shanghai and Beijing which were very nice”

Sophie / Australian / Journalism / QD
“I have learned so much that just wouldn’t have been possible without InternChina”

Vicki / British / Business Development / ZH
I got a lot of responsibility early on, which is not what I’ve had in other internships before

Michael / British / Training / ZH
“You’ll always have someone from InternChina to help you out and it’s something I’ve really appreciated”

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Tom/ UK / Marketing / QD
“I am gonna be really sad to leave China. And I definitely hope to come back a few times!”

Heguel / Portugal /Investment / QD
It’s a life experience. I advice everyone to come here!

Leah  / American / Gaming / CD
“I had the opportunity to design new characters. I got to name a lot of them…”

JC/ UK / Gaming / CD
“Come to China, just get here, get here now!”

Kat & Carolin / Germany /Marketing / QD
The culture is so different, and it helped me get a broader view of how things work in in the world!

Joy / UK / Design / QD
“Embrace it, you might only get the opportunity to come here once!”

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Maryellen/ UK / Homestay / CD
”For the past 8 weeks, I have never been alone“

Victoria / UK / Law / QD
”People are friendly, the culture is nice & climate is good”

Sarah / Germany / Journalism / QD
”I would definitely recommend it to others”

Generation UK group trip / CD
“Surreal, Crazy, Unbelievable, Educational, Incredible, Amazing… HOTPOT!”

Gemma / Malaysia / NGO / CD
You don’t need to worry if you don’t speak chinese, everyone is so friendly and approachable!

Marco  / Germany / Translation / CD
“Everything went smoothly before and during my stay. I liked the weekly dinners and the trips were unforgettable!”

Yes, lets get started!

Sabrina / Germany / Marketing / QD
“Ich hatte immer Ansprechpartner, die ich fragen konnte. Ich habe mich gut versorgt gefühlt ” (interview in German)

Ashron / Malaysia / Marketing / QD
“I liked the activities that InternChina planned. Thursday dinners, Saturday hang-outs, drinks, parties. It’s a really fun experience!”

William  / UK / IC Office Intern / ZH
“A different country, different people, and culture. And you have to learn to adapt…”

John, Omar & Richard/ UK / Internship / ZH
”InternChina organise a lot of trips“

Liz / UK / NGO / CD
”In a homestay you really immerse yourself”

Jordan  / UK / Sourcing / ZH
”Nightlife in Zhuhai is legendary”

Ate / Netherlands / APP  Dev. / CD
“I found InternChina online and I was like hm ok. I’ll write them and see what happens. Right away the next day I got an email.. then I was in China!”

Oliver / UK / Logistics / QD
Not many people have the opportunity to come work aboard and have such a good supportive network and structure!”

Matthew / Australia / Game-Dev. / CD
“I was lucky enough to get the experience of being invited to a Chinese wedding, which was fantastic!”