Paloma’s introduction Blog


Sooo, after a first plane delayed, a connecting flight missed, an unexpected stop at Hong Kong and a 5 hour delay on my last flight, I finally landed! It’s been three days since I arrived and I’m already in love with Chengdu. But maybe I should introduce myself first… So, my name is Paloma, I’m from Nice, in the south of France, and I’ll be working for three months for InternChina in the Chengdu Office !


With a long standing passion for Chinese culture and language, I recently completed a bachelor degree in international relations and translation in Chinese and English at the Catholic University of Lyon in France.



This passion pushed me last year to take part in a linguistic trip to Shanghai and Suzhou (also known as the oriental Venice) for a month with 5 of my friends. Travelling in those cities was a good opportunity to improve my mandarin as well as discovering more about the culture(and the local clubs ! :D). When I got back to France, my feeling was that I definitely had to discover more about China and more places. Actually, the only thing I had in mind was to go back to this country. I wanted to have a very deep immersion in Chinese culture, and what other better city than Chengdu ? After a month of researching and scanning all the internships websites ; I came across the InternChina one and saw a great opportunity. During my training I always heard about the Sichuan food, with the famous Hot Pot (火锅) or the spicy peanut & chicken (宫保鸡丁), but also about all the wonderful and unique places in the Sichuan province such as Jiuzhaigou, the Emei mountain or the Huang Long valley. It will also be interesting to be where one of China’s greatest poet Du Fu杜甫 realised a huge part of his work. This place is full of treasures that I’m so exited to discover! Apart from that, I’m also going to work, and life in the office is gonna be pretty busy this summer, but the IC team is great and very welcoming since the beginning (Especially Martin, the Chengdu Office marketing intern who waited for me until 4 am the night of my arrival 😉 ). Hopefully, I’ll be doing a master in international marketing in Suzhou next year, and I see this internship as real opportunity to broaden my knowledge in this field. I’m sure I’ll have an amazing time here and I’m looking forward to meet new people!