All good things come to an end : my experience within IC!

Time to say goodbye to the wonderful Zhuhai and InternChina Family…

6 months ago I was arriving in China excited about all the opportunities that were waiting for me. Unfortunately, time flies fast and I am today writing my last blog as an InternChina intern in Zhuhai before leaving on my way back to France.

My experience here has been far beyond my expectations: I met tons of great people, had a very supportive and lovely team to work with, had a lot of fun as well as a relaxing time with the palm trees and the sea surrounding me! Of all Chinese cities I have been to, I am glad to say that Zhuhai is my favorite one. I will dearly miss this city when I return to France.

The city and my growing guanxi here

Before coming, I was not expecting such a city of contrast, with the slow paced, relaxing city during the day and the crazy nightlife. Seeing people dancing on the streets, playing sport or even just being so friendly with me will remain an unforgettable experience. I have been able to be part of Hot Pot and KTV nights with locals, went to some bars and met expatriates, and spent some nights in local clubs.

But enough about Zhuhai, let’s talk about all the wonderful people I have met here! The InternChina family welcomed me with open arms and were always ready to give me a hand when I needed it. The working environment was very fun and team spirit oriented.

In 6 months, I welcomed and said goodbye to many lovely interns from all around the world. I spent Christmas and New Years Eve with friends which helped me by giving me tips and exchanging their experience. It’s been amazing and I think I matured a lot from all of this. I truly have never felt alone nor homesick during my 6 months !  Plus my “guanxi” has developed much as I met hundreds of people.

My internship experience at InternChina and what to expect

Although only just an intern at InternChina, I have been given real responsibility very quickly! There is no chance you will get bored during your internship! Multitasking, pro activity and prioritisation are the keys to success !

I was in charge of Bookings (application process), Marketing (especially on Social Media Platforms) and some Business Development.

  • Bookings:

Dealing with applications from the beginning to end – answering applicant’s questions, and liaising with a company to place them. As I am French, I was dealing specially with French students!

  • Marketing:

Writing blogs, improving SEO, doing Marketing Content Reports, posting positions on French and New Zealand Job Boards, organising Thursday Dinners & Weekend activities, and creating a dedicated website page for one of our funded programmes. I have also been in charge of creating and sending out the monthly company newsletter and organising the Photo Competition.

  • Social Media Platform Marketing:     

  1. Facebook & Twitter:  Administrator of the page. As so, I published daily about 2 or 3 posts about blogs, positions or China, and InternChina. Finding content, resizing and optimising it before scheduling it on our page. Also checking the statistics daily for our Marketing Content Report. Gained strong organisation and team spirit skills.
  2.  Instagram : Posting nice pictures using SEO tips.
  • Business Development:

Companies meetings & visits, adding contacts to our CRM, and trying to develop relationship with new companies.

Some of the skills I have gained

The skills I gained here are so extensive and transferable that there is no doubt it will help me in the future. I never imagined I was capable of doing some of the tasks I actually did!

  • Independent working
  • Event planning / Organisation
  • Pro Activity
  • Organisation
  • Photoshop / VideoDirector
  • Team spirit
  • Customer Relationship / Pastoral Care skills
  • Writing skills
  • And last but not least: English skills!

All of these skills will be so helpful and valuable for my futur career and I am more than satisfied of my experience within InternChina! It’s been a challenging yet very fun internship with many activities, dinners, Friday quiz and others with a very cohesive IC family, everybody is always ready to help!

Also an unique travelling experience!

I participated in an annual charity music festival event as part of InternChina and have been given the opportunity to be part of a seminar in the neighbouring city, Zhongshan. There, I met tons of professional business men and women! Chinese Business environment notion is not as obscureas before. And I have become a WeChat addict !

Finally, if you have the soul of an explorer, you will be able to travel within China during  your stay! I returned to Shanghai and Guangzhou during Chinese New Year and it’s been a very refreshing experience.

If you wish to undertake an internship at InternChina in the any of our offices in Dalian, Chengdu, Qingdao or Zhuhai, then apply now!