IoT Web Front-end Engineer at Smart Mobility Startup (TPIT18)

Company Introduction:

This is a startup company founded in mid-2017 and they are committed to providing ‘Internet of Vehicle and smart mobility solutions’.

Nowadays, there are huge demands on the transportation industry: such as logistics, vehicle leasing, public transport and so on. These enterprises struggle to collect the data from their vehicles for their business operations and decisions. Moreover, they do not have efficient and convenient tools to analyze the data from their vehicles. The company’s solution is RENSI, a IoT platform that meets the demands of the above enterprises.

By collecting data and data analysis results from RENSI, operators can focus more on their business operations and decisions.


9-12 months

Internship Position and Potential Responsibilities:

Web Front-end Engineer

+ Web and IoT CMS Central Management System
+ Work closely with UI/UX designers and back-end engineers.
+ Cooperate with participating vendors and users to optimize the experience of product use by observing, recording and analyzing user behaviors.


+ Familiar with html, css, javascript development.
+ Basic knowledge of ReactJS development and database operations.
+ Good communication ability to discuss ‘technical-thinking’ with UI/UX designers


+ Knowledge of JSX development.
+ Familiar with Nodered.js or python.
+ CMS system platform architecture planning ability is better.
+ Cloud database and program building experience is preferable.