Business Development Intern at Electrotherapy Technology Company (TPBS43)

Company Introduction:

This company’s core technology is based on digitally-controlled electro muscle stimulation. This technology uses medium frequency electrotherapy(above 1kHz) to mimic a real massage. Most consumer grade TENS units use low frequencies which only stimulate shallow muscle tissues to superficially block pain without actually penetrating the muscle tissue. Low frequencies also tend to irritate the skin.

The company’s goal is to bring professional grade electrotherapy into the palms of the consumer’s hand after years of planning and development, so you can enjoy a relaxing, invigorating massage at anytime, anywhere.


9-12 months

Internship Position and Potential Responsibilities:

Business Development Intern

+ Generate sales leads through trade shows (domestic and foreign), meetups, seminars by networking with prospects & building relationships as part of a coordinated sales strategy.
+ Develop and execute sales plans to increase sales and maintain customer relationships.
+ Emphasize features, benefits, and advantages of services, quote prices and availability of products.
+ Use unique peer-to-peer engagement tactics and social media outreach to build awareness.
+ Report Daily: Provide a detailed description of activities.
+ Communicate work status to team lead .
+ Attend team meetings to meet the different departments.


+ Have excellent communication and critical thinking skills.
+ Are persuasive & influential with friends and peers.
+ Are active & outgoing in both face to face interactions & across all social media outlets.
+ Are interested in gaining experience in marketing, communication, & sales
+ Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment.
+ Have good time management skills.