IC Alumni

InternChina is proud to have an extensive network of active alumni. The alumni network has 3 aims:
1.    To offer graduate job opportunities with our partner companies in China to our alumni and keep them up to date with InternChina through various social media platforms.
2.    To enable alumni to network with each other and thereby discover career opportunities in China and in Europe and North America.
3.    To enable alumni to keep in touch with each other, build on friendships made in China and organise social events with other alumni.
We mainly use 2 platforms to achieve these aims:


We’ve created an exclusive InternChina Alumni Group on Facebook. All interns on our programmes will be added to the group upon completion of their programme. We will post new graduate job opportunities with partner companies in China in the Facebook group before they are published on our website and on other social media platforms. This gives alumni exclusive access to new job opportunities in China. The group also offers former interns a great platform to build on friendships made in China.


We find that it’s usually easier to approach other former interns who you may not know personally on LinkedIn. By following our page you show other alumni that you have InternChina in common and will be able to approach other alumni who work in your preferred industry for advice and introductions which may help you find your next job.

We also like to stay in touch with alumni by email and through our various social networks, which give former interns regular reminders of all the things they miss about China; the people, the food, the trips, activities and events. If you are a former intern who wants to get in touch with InternChina about any aspect of the alumni network, please send us an email. You can also follow us on various social media platforms: