Summer internship in Asia – 16 reasons why you should invest in this experience

Are internships really worth it? We’ve put together the top 16 reasons as to exactly how a Summer internship in Asia will benefit you.

Are you currently in limbo and looking for a truly enriching experience that will help you grow as a person and give you incredible confidence?

Or, perhaps you’re young and ambitious and you’ve seen the job of your dreams. Just one snag: ‘Experience essential.’ What a conundrum. You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.

Classic Catch 22.

Whether you’re looking for job experience, to flourish into an assured and confident person or perhaps you just want an unforgettable few months in Asia, we have the solution.

An internship is a once in a lifetime experience that has benefits too numerous to list in full. Interested? Keep reading to find 16 reasons why you should take part…

They’re broken into 3 core sections. Click the links below to go directly to each section:

  1. (1-5) Career Reasons
  2. (6-11) Personal Growth Reasons
  3. (12-16) Life Changing Reasons


(1-5) Career Reasons for an Asia Internship

Internships in Asia can benefit both graduates and students in finding your career path to success.

Here’s the first 5 reasons as to why you really should become a participant:

1. Find out if you’re following the right career path

Taking that first step along a career path is a big move for anyone and can even be a little scary. You may have had part-time or weekend jobs before, but this is a whole different ball game.

The biggest question or hesitation you might have…

‘Is this the right career for me?’

Starting a new career, only to discover it’s not for you, can knock your confidence or at least leave you feeling disheartened and deflated.

Internships are the perfect way to put it to the test and see if it is what you truly want to do.


2. Test out new and exciting careers

Maybe you have already dipped your toe in the career pool, but now you want to see what else is on offer. Perhaps you enjoy the career you are pursuing, but there may still be one or two nagging doubts at the back of your mind…

‘Would I enjoy that job more?’ … ‘I think I’d be really good in that role’ … ‘What if that’s the career I would excel in?’

Don’t worry, everyone has those thoughts from time to time.

Put your mind at rest with an internship, which is temporary and can therefore be used to test out new and exciting careers and see which ones you’re passionate about.

Find out what Margarita (who is an Industrial Engineer) thought of her marketing internship in Zhuhai.


3. Get into a new work routine

If you’re a student, you may be far too familiar with daytime TV. Waking up at midday, staying up past midnight, lectures not until the afternoon… sound familiar?

Starting a new career can feel like being thrown in at the deep end. On top of all the anxieties associated with a new challenge, such as meeting deadlines, networking and acquainting yourself with unfamiliar procedures, the early start time can be a shock to the system.

We completely understand, and it can take some getting used to, but our internships in Asia are the perfect stepping stone for learning how to cope with all those demands and take them in your stride. Early starts and full working days will soon be second nature, rather than a source of anxiety.


4. Earn while you learn

Did you know some of our Asian internships are paid? Not only will you benefit from unforgettable experiences, you could also be rewarded financially and get your first insight into the earnings on offer in various lines of work.

We have a huge range of companies that host our Asian internships that have their own individual perks.

Apply today to find out what programs we have that would be perfect for you.


5. Make your CV stand out with summer internships in Asia

Any employer faced with an enormous pile of CVs is unlikely to go over each one with a fine-tooth comb and will increasingly look for one that stands out above the rest.

Impressing in an interview is important, but your CV is the first crucial step towards obtaining your dream career.

It has to be good. Better than good… so how are you going to stand out?

A summer internship in Asia is one sure way. Not only will it furnish you with a long list of impressive skills to put on your CV, you will also be able to relate a unique story about a fantastic work experience that will certainly help you stand out from the rest.

It will show you have initiative, a hard-working attitude, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

If you’d like more tips, read our CV writing do’s and don’ts.


(6-11) Personal Growth Reasons for an Asia Internship

Use an internship in Asia to provide you with incredible transformation and personal growth.

These 5 more reasons will tell you how.

6. Gain confidence through a summer internship in Asia

There are so many ways an internship in Asia will build your confidence, we couldn’t even fit them all on the page, so here are a few examples:

  • Public speaking
  • Giving presentations
  • Pitching ideas
  • Organising your schedule and workload
  • Meeting new people
  • Navigating your way through a foreign country
  • Organising your calendar and budget
  • Producing exciting work projects

We could go on. Of course, it depends on the kind of job you’re in. But we can guarantee you will finish your internship with enhanced self-esteem and a lot more confidence.


7. Build your own global network

One huge benefit of taking part in an internship in Asia is the global network you will build. From colleagues, mentors, employees, friends and other professionals, you will learn so much from your new connections.

Building a network of people around you over the course of your internship is exciting and fulfilling.

The knowledge and insights to be gained from them will prove invaluable for anyone looking to launch a career and will give you a distinct edge over other candidates in your field. (how many other people are going to have a specialised network of professionals they can contact in Asia?)


8. Make new friends for life

Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects for a lot of our interns. The friendships you make during your stay will last a lifetime.

There is plenty of scope for socialising after work, which is the perfect chance to build meaningful and enduring relationships.

When taking part in one of our internships in Asia, everyone is in the same boat and facing a new experience, which is an ideal way of relating to those around you and forming close bonds.

With so much to do and see, you will never forget the experiences you share with your new-found friends.


9. Learn a new and exciting language

With over 1.2 billion people speaking some form of Chinese (around 16% of the world’s population), it is a language we definitely recommend trying to learn.

It might seem like an intimidating (or nearly impossible!) feat to accomplish in one short summer, but an internship abroad is packed with opportunities for you to learn the basics of your host country’s language.

Aside from the option to attend language classes, your co-workers will no doubt be more than happy to teach you some useful phrases to help you get by. The value of being able to communicate to colleagues and business partners in their mother tongue cannot be overstated!


10. Gain independence and maturity and learning to work with others

Living in a totally new country for a few months may, on the surface, seem intimidating and daunting, but it is one of the best ways to gain independence and grow as a person.

As you learn to manage your budget, workload and travel in unfamiliar surroundings, you will find you quickly mature into an independent person, ready to take on the challenge of a new career.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn what it’s like dealing with others and making sure working arrangements function as they should. You will be faced with a variety of personalities and characteristics and it’s up to you to deal with them in the best way.

You will be amazed at your personal transformation throughout the internship which is a fantastic feeling when coming to the end of your trip.


11. Step out of your comfort zone and allow incredible things to happen…

When it comes to pushing yourself and wondering whether you could test yourself a little more, it’s too easy just to stay in your lane and stick to what you know.

But what about stepping out of that cosy little comfort zone? What might happen then? … Amazing things, that’s what!

You will learn to adapt to your brand-new surroundings and experience things you never thought you would.

Interns are faced with daily challenges they need to find solutions for, which is all part of the excitement. Problem solving, new people, new cultures, a new job (well, pretty much everything) will push you out of your comfort zone, give you a new lease of life and take job satisfaction to a new level.


(12-16) Life Changing Reasons for an Asia Internship

Benefit from life changing and unforgettable experiences during your internship in Asia.

Just a few more reasons why you need to participate:

12. Gain hands-on experience

Imagine a potential employer is looking at two CVs. Both with similar qualifications, interests and skills. How are you going to get the edge over your rival?


It’s what most employers are looking for, although it can be very difficult to gain when you don’t have any at all. This can be both demoralising and restrictive for students or graduates who are struggling to kick-start their career.

Our internship programs in Asia give you hands-on experience where you are learning on the job. This sort of work experience will count as a fantastic addition to your CV and show future employers you are able to apply your skills to the career you have chosen.


13. Experience South-East Asia and other exciting locations

We have so many destinations across Asia to choose from for your internship (and we are constantly looking to provide you with more brilliant locations!).

For example, did you know we have internships in Vietnam?

We have personally picked each destination, so we can provide you with vibrant, exciting and unique opportunities across Asia.

No matter where you go, you will have the chance to see why we picked such a special destination, packed with breath-taking qualities and characteristics.


14. Take part in incredible activities and weekend trips

It’s not all work – we spend a lot of time planning exhilarating activities and weekend trips for our interns.

For example, see what our interns got up to when camping in the Baogutu Desert.

You will take part in once-in-a-lifetime activities that make for some fascinating stories when you get back home. Our unique destinations across Asia offer a huge range of activities such as kitesurfing across tropical oceans, hiking up spectacular mountains or seeing mind-blowing wildlife.


15. Immerse yourself in fascinating Asian cultures and the rich history

More so than if you were simply passing through as a traveller, interns in Asia have the time to truly immerse themselves in the local culture and learn about what it means to be a citizen of another country.

Because you’ll be working alongside them and sharing your day-to-day life with them, you will learn to eat, drink, work and play like a local.

There’s no better way to smash any stereotypes about a country than to go there in person and share a hearty cup of baijiu with co-workers who have lived there all their lives!


16. Enriching your personal and professional life through Asia internship program experiences…

Joining a company as an intern is a great way to learn how businesses and organisations work in the real world, and not just on paper.

This is especially the case for start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, where you get the chance to see first-hand how businesses grow and transition into larger and more mature enterprises.

Far from fetching the coffee and making photocopies, interns play a vital role in keeping the cogs of a business turning and if they excel in their position, they can have a real impact on the direction of their host company!

Not only will you rapidly develop your professional skills, you will also enrich your personal life with experiences such as visiting the great wall of China.